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Cult Half Link Chain

Cult Half Link Chain


The Cult half link chain features a Teflon coating and stamped Cult logos and is designed to help dial in the rear end length on frames with short dropouts. Rounded side plates are compatible with 8T and larger drivers.

Cult Vans Tire
$27.99 - $34.99
Cult "Crew" Front Wheel
$149.99 — Sold out
Cult "Crew" Freecoaster Wheel
$229.00 — Sold out
Cult "Crew" Cassette Wheel
Cult "Crew Handelbars"
$64.99 — Sold out
Cult "Crew" Cranks
Cult Sect IC Fork
Cult Ricany Grips
Cult Butter Peg 4.5in
$15.99 — Sold out
Cult Tube (20INCH)
Cult "All Over" Padded Seat
Cult Dak Pedals
Cult Intergrated Headset
Cult Bottom Bracket
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